Saturday, 31 January 2015

Classroom Decoration

2015 SST Classroom Decoration Competition

Class: S408
Form Teacher(s): Mr Tan Wei
Submitted by:
Name of Student: Lynnette Leong

Role in Class Exco: Chairperson

(Team: William Ming, Bruce Ng, Michael Chun, Jeremiah Ong)

Class Theme
Class Mission
Optimum in omnibus factis nostris.
Translation: The best, in all that we do.
Class Goals
Obtain at least 4 A1s for O levels, and distinction in at least 6 subjects.
Achieve at least 1 bonus point for LEAPS.
Help our classmates throughout the year, whether academically or otherwise.
Class Code of Conduct
1. Clarify your doubts, when relevant.
2. Contribute your ideas.
3. Take care of the environment, in and outside of class.
4. Time is precious, do not waste it.
5. Help our classmates keep their work if they are absent.
Recycled Materials Used
Old newspapers, food wrappers, recycled paper, old red packets.
Short Write-Up About Class Decoration (max 100 words)
Food is something we can all relate to. Our classroom serves as a reminder to uphold the class mission and as a stress relief.

The different types of food found around our class have different meanings. The food pyramid represents O levels. It reminds us that we will climb up to the top and conquer it. Bags of different potato chips, which represents our various CCAs, to remind ourselves that it is possible to reach the bottom of the chip bag (score well in LEAPS). And sweets wrappers, to remind us to treat each other with care and concern.

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