Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi guys. We're starting this English initiative from tomorrow onwards. We'll try it for this month and then we'll see if we want to continue it. Basically, it's a "improve our vocabulary as a class". Let me explain how it works.

For example, tomorrow is 6 Feb. My register number is 6. Therefore, I have to post a word of the day (optional: definition and example) on the class blog with the tag: wordoftheday.

7 Feb would be Asritha with register number 7, 8 Feb Praveen and so on. 27-31 of each month will be rest days where we don't have to post.

If you decide not to post, donate at least 25 sweets to the class sweet jar as compensation. If you think that someone's word of the day is too simple (or difficult or inappropriate), please comment on his/her post another word that you think would be more suitable.

Thank you!

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