Saturday, 28 March 2015

Homework (28 Mar, Friday)

Due Monday:
1. ACE-Learning Quizzes due 2355 TODAY
2. Differentiation Assignment 4
1. Reading Task: Which aspect of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's life do you find the most inspiring, and why? (adapted from Cam 2014)
2. Registration form for EL Prelim Oral
CE / Admin:
1. Complete the CE WS given last week
2. Complete the School Graduation Certificate (SGC) form if you have not done so
Not due Monday:
1. [ALL] Complete Comprehension 议论文 1 and either submit hardcopy or email your answers to
2. [TSQ] Bring HCL file on Wednesday
3. [TSQ] Complete 分析 WS ( 批文释义 & 正反对比 )
1. Answer SBQ by Avani's group and Michael's group by 31/03, Tuesday
2. Avani's group and Michael's group to redo rubrics for marking (Do not share with the class)
1. If you scored 14/25 or below: complete…/1Ezo8VLG_sEiTzAtnupFFi3OdllS…/edit
2. Essay Qns in Ms Huang's email

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