Saturday, 30 May 2015

Homework (June Holiday)

Holiday Homework
[ ] - deadline if available
( ) - additional info

1. Sign Report Book [Due 29 June, Monday] (Submit to me)
2. Verify and sign LEAPS records
1. Project Ace corrections [Overdue]
2. Project Beta corrections [Due T3W1]
3. All 10 Compre's (answers have been emailed to you)
4. Mindmapping Project: Create Mindmaps for each of the 10 topics provided in the doc:…/1MLznoHK3XhxPV-F2bx--XKFLsd…/edit…
HCL [Due T3W1]
1. All 4 Compre's
2. Write both 电邮's
3. Write 作文 (the one that you haven't done)
1. All 4 sets of papers (CCHS EM/AM & CHIJ SNGS EM/AM; look out for email from Mr Quek with the Googleform)
1. SPA 3 Practice 1 (answers will be emailed to you on last week of June)
1. 2 sets of papers (SSS P1/P2 & unidentified school P1/P2)
2. Entire Workbook [Due T3W1]
1. O Level 2010 SBQ
2. Extra lesson on 19, 22, 24 June for Band 2 students
Geography (Optional)
1. TLP Practice has been emailed to you (answers will be emailed to you on the last week of June)
1. NP Labs will be open on 17 June, Wednesday, and 25 June, Thursday from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.
2. Work on your Portfolio Work Document (you should AT LEAST have your basic research and PWM+explanation in there)
3. Tutorial 16 [Due 9 July, Thursday]
4. Project Submission is on 21 Aug, Tuesday (Only 8 more lessons)
1. Rewrite SA1 Coursework
Japanese [Due 30 June, Tuesday]
1. Web ニュース
2. ブック レビュー
3. 自由作文 (三) - 環境対策

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